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This site provides tips on how to ensure the best printing experience after you have refilled your ink cartridge or if you have general ink cartridge or printing related problems.  Select ‘Solve My Problem‘ above to view solutions for each inkjet cartridge family.  Updated July 21, 2014.



Benefits of refilling your inkjet cartridges. There are two main benefits – 1) costs savings and 2) reducing single-use plastics, excessive landfill and natural resource waste.  Many customers are taking advantage of the cost savings – up to 70% versus buying new cartridges.  Also, each year more than a billion inkjet cartridges and packaging end up in landfills.  By reusing your cartridges, you can have an immediate positive impact on our environment.

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Printer warranty and refilled cartridges. Refilling your inkjet cartridges does not void your printer warranty!  Printer manufacturers have threatened in the past to void printer warranties when cartridges are refilled (or non original manufacturer cartridges are used), but legislation actually prohibits the printer manufacturers from voiding warranties for this reason alone.  For legal details, please refer to FAQs.


High quality refill essentials. Excellent refilling consists of print quality and number of pages per cartridge that are comparable to the original manufacturer new cartridge, and then  repeating these results multiple times in refilling the same cartridge.  There are several key factors which enable these excellent results: 1) Reputable retailers should be willing to back their service with a quality guarantee, 2) Premier solutions include a wide array of available customized ink sets which closely match various manufacturer’s cartridges, and 3) The technology should include refilling in a vacuum, which removes excess air inside, allowing the maximum amount of refill ink into the cartridge.


Which cartridges can be refilled?  

Most cartridges from the market leaders can be refilled (HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark & Dell). Refer to refiller center’s list for cartridges currently supported, otherwise refer to our general cartridge support list:


If you are unable to locate a solution to a current ink cartridge or printer related issue, then please contact us:




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